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Transitions Counseling and Mentoring Services provides professional counseling services to our clients in a safe environment in which clients can take advantage of a unique opportunity to discuss their thoughts, feelings, emotions, and concerns about various issues with an objective and nonjudgmental licensed professional. We provide therapeutic counseling services for individual (children, adolescents, and adults), couples, and families.

Professional Counseling

Our specialties are, but not limited to: children/young adults who are at risk of failing to meet one or more educational, social, mental, and emotional milestones. We also help in the areas of trauma, depression, anger management, relationship issues, child/parent concerns, substance abuse, gambling addictions and stress. While using a person-centered approach, therapists will collaborate with each client (as the clients are the expert on his/her life experiences) to develop coping skills to be used in dealing with life stressors, as well as identify personal attributes and ineptitudes to be considered in problem solving skills. We realize that finding a therapist is one of the most difficult decisions that a person can make. Success in the therapeutic process begins with a confidential, genuine and trusting relationship. We will work hard to maintain confidentiality, authenticity, and  a trusting relationship with each client. It our mission at Transitions Counseling and Mentoring Services to assist you in becoming the best person that you can be!

Youth/ Adolescence Mentoring

Transitions Counseling and Mentoring Services provides mentoring to children, adolescence and young adults to provide expertise in helping them manage life. We assist your child, adolescence, or young adult with identifying what makes him/her special, build self esteem and positive trusting adult relationships, develop coping skills to better navigate their world, appropriate social skills, academic encouragement, periodic school check ins and observations to monitor success both at school and at home. We provide workshops and presentations on effective strategies and interventions for parents and community organizations. Transitions Counseling and Mentoring Services provides Door to Door services for mentoring. Our mission is to make sure that we are collaborating with parents/caretakers to ensure that progress is being made. Please call the office for rates.

Areas of Expertise

Adolescent/Young Adult Issues

Adjudicated Youth/ Adolescents

Behavior Management

Bipolar Disorder 

Crisis Intervention
​Divorce/Relationship Issues
​Gambling Addictions

Grief, Loss, Bereavement



Medication Management

Mood Disorders


Social Anxiety


Professional Counseling Concierge

If you are able to seek services in our offices, Transitions Counseling and Mentoring Services will provide services in your chosen environment, skype, and phone. All concierge sessions are 60 minutes and payments must be made in full before sessions begins.

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