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7 Reasons To Talk to Your Therapist

It's not always easy to acknowledge when we are in need of support. But "it takes much more mental strength to admit you don't have all the answers than it does to pretend like you have everything together when you don't.

It’s not always clear-cut whether you should talk to a therapist. But there are some signs that could indicate talking to a professional might be a good choice.

Here are seven reasons you might want to talk to a therapist:

1. Your Symptoms Interfere With Your Work

2. Your Mood Feels "Off"

3. Your Sleep Habits Have Changed

4. Your Psychological Health Is Affecting Your Physical Health

5. You Experience Unexplained Changes in Weight

6. You Use Unhealthy Coping Skills

7. Your Relationships Are Impacted by Your Emotional State

You might be tempted to wait and see if you start feeling better on your own so you don’t have to call a therapist. But if your distress doesn't improve within two weeks, please call our team at 301.276.2606 or email us at

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